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Brand origin


Founded in 2021, Rolling Force is a sub-brand of Pico Entertainment. It is different from the main brand in terms of product research and development. The sub-brand mainly develops popular portable audio products.

All about the sound


When a general brand chooses a wire base, it usually launches a series of wires, but we hope to choose based on the potential of the wires. After testing a lot of versions, we decide to make the best use of the characteristics of the wires. Looking at the flagship specification cable, it can play the best effect. It can be said that the pricing is only a reflection of the cost of materials and structure, and there is no compromise or limitation of the sound because of the price.

In-depth cooperation between brands and manufacturers

The wire base is the most important constituent element of the wire. We have carried out in-depth cooperation with the wire base factory, and participated in the process from purchasing raw materials to twisting design and wrapping the wire sheath. In addition to the guaranteed quality and sound, it also prompted us to create a unique structure that is rarely seen on the market.

Tuning like a work of art


During the years of audio enthusiasts and cable DIY years, we have enough in-depth research and listening experience on materials, wire diameters, structures and welding. For the selection of materials and processes, in addition to experience and rational analysis, it is more about the understanding and fantasy of music. We hope to bring users a unique and irreplaceable experience, just like appreciating artistic creation, it is unforgettable once you try it .

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